Whole School Approach to Literacy

On this page you will find resources to support schools in developing a whole school approach to literacy. Also check out the Resources for Developing a School Wide Literacy Plan, click here to download


Superhero Resources

Here are all the resources from our recent Superhero Competition, including valuable resources for creating your own Superhero. We hope you find them useful.

Click here to see all the files http://www.jcspliteracy.com/superhero

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Visual verbal square

The Visual verbal square is a graphic organiser that can help students understand keywords and concepts. 

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Reading Strategies

This range of resources will assist schools in implementing the reading strategies listed on the poster -right. Ideally these resources would be used in pairs/groups.

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Schools planning to improve literacy levels through the development of a whole school approach are encouraged to begin with keywords.The materials here can be used to support the teaching and learning of  key words across  subject areas and have relevance for all  teachers who wish to make their subject more accessible to their students. These are also available as Gaeilge.

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KWL chart.

The KWL Chart is an active reading strategy, designed by Donna Ogle in 1986, that can start students thinking about what they already know about a topic. Activating prior knowledge is important because it helps students make connections to the new information they will be learning. By tapping into what students already know, teachers can assist students with the learning process.

The traditional KWL Chart can be used with a new topic in any content area to start students thinking about what they KNOW about a topic, what they WANT TO KNOW about that topic, and what they have LEARNED at the end of the unit. A KWL Chart can be used as an assessment for learning because a teacher can quickly tell what students already know and understand about a topic.

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PDF -KWL Landscape
PDF - KWL Portrait
PDF A-U- F (Irish Version) 

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3-2-1 chart

Student fill out a 3-2-1 chart with something like this:

3 Things You Found Out
2 Interesting Thing
1 Questions I Still Have

This summarization strategy is an effective way to end a class session.

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Main idea chart

Finding the main idea in a paragraph or longer passage is an important skill but isn't easy. After reading a paragraph students write a short main idea and then identify the supporting details. This may take some practice.

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